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Long Webcam is currently in development, with invited participants only.

I saw trees growing and changing like puffs of vapour, now brown, now green; they grew, spread, shivered, and passed away. I saw huge buildings rise up faint and fair, and pass like dreams. The whole surface of the earth seemed changed — melting and flowing under my eyes.

The Long Webcam project has grown out of a fascination of all forms of time-lapse photography, together with an interest in the work of the Long Now Foundation.

Time-lapse photography produces videos of events that take too long for conventional video to capture comfortably – single events that take hours or longer to complete. They allow us to see the changes in objects that our normal senses cannot easily comprehend – stars moving across the sky, flowers opening etc. Some projects have recorded events of much longer time scales – construction of buildings, or the ageing of a person over several years.

It is still very hard to capture changes on the scales at which landscapes changes. Trees grow and perish, glaciers advance and retreat, buildings are built and destroyed. Streets change around us. The Long Webcam project aims to capture such events over many years, and create an archive of our changing world.

If you are interested in the project, please send us a message: info@longwebcam.org